In Kirby’s Dream Land The omnipresent Kirby character from Nintendo always inhales his enemies. He did it in his first game. He did it in his Switch debut, Kirby Star Allies. He does it in Smash Bros. He just does not do it in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, the renewed 2010 Wii game released today as Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn for 3DS. Why? The explanation of the game is that Kirby has a lead stomach, which the developers have thought surprisingly.

Would the enemies fall from a hollow stomach

Making Kirby out of yarn “means outlining the character with yarn, so that the belly is hollow and enemies fall just after being inhaled,” explained Etsunobu Ebisu, the producer of Kirby yarn  sets for a long time. by email. It is a logical answer if it is initially confusing. Would the enemies fall from a hollow stomach? Does it matter in a medium in which a small video game can double its size by eating one and the same big mushroom?

Kirby can also find bonuses

In the remake of 3DS Extra Epic Yarn, Kirby can also find bonuses that give him skills like a sword stroke, appropriating the moves he gains in other games by inspiring his enemies. The remake also adds some new side-scrolling minigames and a special “demonic mode” that makes all levels of the main adventure more challenging by essentially having an invincible foe. The core of the game, however, remains the same. It is a beautiful side croller that dazzles with its wire effects as it moves away from Kirby’s weapon, because in this, at least, Kirby keeps an empty stomach. Otherwise, that would not seem right.

kirby inhale scarfy

“In response, we created the basic” drawing “skill for the main characters,” Ebisu told me. This ability to steal essentially means that Kirby sends a wick of thread that traps an enemy and untangles it in loose strands that fall to the ground. “We thought it would be right for the game, so we went to the HAL lab and we talked about Kirby’s ability in that game, you have to shoot instead of inhaling.” The HAL laboratory realized that the stomach with the swollen belly meant that the air escaped even though it was inhaled and kindly accepted our proposal, “said Ebisu.

The idea that Kirby’s hollow stomach could not even inhale the air is evoked in the opening cinematic of Epic Yarn, while the pink protagonist turned into wire tries to absorb an enemy only so that the air passes through his new body .