As you know Summer has started this year. The same applies to winter and spring. The Simulator Vacation release date” has just been issued and you will not have to wait long to read it.

Job Simulator follows Owlchemy Labs on April 9 at PC VR. It was initially planned for the end of last year, but the end was the last minute. The earlier confirmed version of the PSVR will follow this summer.

Vacation Simulator Release Date Finally Announced

Vacation Simulator Cost Price

It will cost $ 29.99 at startup. See the different game locations in the lower trailer.

Located in the year 2060, the Simulator vacation sees robots who try to reproduce the ancient art of human holidays. As with Job Simulator, do not expect everything in the world to be right. These games include experimenting with virtual worlds and pushing the boundaries of interactivity. Beautiful robots without the Job Simulator’s brain have returned, and this time more interactive. You can simply tell them to start communicating with them.

“You do not need a button, go straight to the wavefront, and that’s natural,” said Andrew Eiche, Chief Technology Officer at Owlchemy Labs. “It’s a simple and powerful interaction that allows players to interact with characters and connect with the world of virtual reality in a very personal way.”

As the trailer reveals, the Holiday Simulator consists of four goals. The beach area you previously saw allows you to build sand castles and dive underwater, while the new area in the forest allows you to observe birds and fisheries. There is also a new winter world where you can throw snowballs and relax in the jacuzzi. Finally, there is a world of places. As we have already mentioned, you can explore these places as an adapted avatar.

Devin Reimer, executive director of Owlchemy Labs, called the game “greater than anything we’ve ever done” in a prepared statement.

Holiday simulator is the first major version of Owlchemy ever since Google bought it in May 2017.