Two new features in Apple iPad 2019.

The report says that Apple will add 2 new features in next coming iPad and will retain Touch ID and a headphone jack.

1. Touch Id

The Apple iPad has proven to be one of the most popular products among customers. The price of the product is precise, ideal for those who wish to enter the Apple ecosystem or look for a decent tablet. To maintain the trend in the future, Apple would work on a new generation of iPad.

The next iPad will allow TouchID to suggest new reports, unlike previous ones that suggested that Apple could go in favor of FaceID. In addition, the company removes the 3.5mm headphone jack from their devices every year, but the iPad would have the same treatment.

2. Headphone jack

The iPad Pro (2018) also removed the 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, buyers should use a 3.5mm Lightning adapter if they want to listen to a headset.

This is a strategy that Apple and other companies in the smartphone industry have shown in recent years, but its adoption in the iPad Pro was still a surprise. After all, critics pointed out that the tablet had more space in the chassis, which would probably leave more space for an old-school cat. Of course, Apple would prefer that iPad Pro owners take a pair of AirPod and opt for wireless technology.