Smeargle, the Pokémon of Generation 2, is now available in Pokemon GO. Niantic has refrained from adding Smeargle to the game for some time, with the rest of Johto Pokemon to be added in 2017, but Smeargle is special because of its Sketch ability, which can copy the ability of another Pokémon. As Sketch does not translate well into the Pokémon GO game, Smeargle patiently waits for Niantic to find a special way to add them to the game. The new GO Snapshot photo feature from Pokemon Go is special.

Go Snapshot: will be the only way to catch a Smeargle. Keep taking photos and it is possible that a Smeargle appears on one of them, which will result in a Smeargle that will appear in the world. It may not have anything to do with painting, but it’s better than nothing. At least players can add Smeargle to their Pokedex and use them creatively.

Sketch’s Smeargle ability will not work in its traditional form, so Niantic has discovered a different way to assign Smeargle’s abilities. Now, using the Go Snapshot function, Smeargle can appear and “draw” the capabilities of the Pokémon photographed. It’s a smart way to include Smeargle without eliminating its unique abilities and to encourage players to use the new photography feature.

Catch Smeargle Using Go Snapshot

How to Catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go


1. Click on the Pokémon from which you wish to take a GO snapshot in your Pokémon storage.

2. Touch the camera icon in the upper right corner.

3. If you are using AR +, slowly scan your camera on a flat, open surface (such as a floor or table). A brightness effect with yellow steps will appear once your device has detected its surroundings.

4. Touch the bright effect to place your Pokémon on a flat surface.

5. You can move to find the best angles for your shot. Touch your Pokémon, and he will take a pose. You can also brush your Pokémon to get its attention.

6. When you are ready, tap the camera icon to take your GO snapshot. You can take several pictures and these are saved in the memory of your device.

Choose a Pokémon for Smeargle to Sketch

The first thing you should do is choose a Pokémon to draw. The unique ability of “Smeargle in Pokemon GO” is to draw or copy the skills of the Pokémon that the trainer is taking pictures. Not all skills can go through Smeargle, like Ditto Transformation, but most should do it. Coaches must choose a Pokémon with skills they would like to copy, creating a clone of skill. Unfortunately, the Smeagle PC is not more than 500, so its relative strength will be minimal, regardless of the player’s choice.

To choose a Pokémon, “click on your Pokémon list”, then click on the Pokémon you have chosen. In the upper right corner of the screen there is a small camera icon. When clicking on this icon, the player must access the newly added Go Snapshot mode, as long as the Pokemon GO application has been updated with the most recent patch. Keep in mind that the Go Snapshot feature requires players to have at least Level 5 to use.

Photobomb by Smeargle

To catch “Smeargle”, the first players will have to find them. Smeargle will not appear the first time a player takes a picture unless he is very lucky. Instead, players must take one photo after another until Smeargles decides to take a photo. The appearance of the Pokémon is based entirely on chance, which can be frustrating. Some reported that Smeargle appeared after 5 to 10 photographs, while others said that it took hundreds of photos to make the Pokémon appear. The upper part of Smeargle’s torso will be in one of the lower corners of the photo and the Pokémon behind Smeargle will look at them with disdain.

Photobomb by Smeargle: Smeargle’s Photobomb

Some users report that Smeargle does not appear for them even after taking a hundred photos or more. This should not be the case and probably involves an error or an unsuccessful update. Verify that the update has been downloaded, close the program and restart it completely or, in the worst case, try to wait 24 hours. It has been theorized that Smeargle has a timer that limits the number of times they can appear, whether they are captured, lost or lost. It is possible that the player did not notice that Smeargle appeared and was removed from the card, which caused the waiting period. Or it could simply be an error.

Note that Smeargle should appear randomly in snapshot snapshots, whether a user is using an iOS or Android device, whether the phone supports AR + and the player’s camera is activated. In addition, players do not have to worry about sharing or saving their photos. Smeargle can appear in any photo, recorded or not, and can be captured later.

Clutter capture

After making Smeargle appear in an Instant photo, all you have to do is grab Smeargle. Go back to Go Snapshot, go to the map and a Smeargle should appear right next to the player’s position, ready to be captured. If Smeargle is not yet on the map, be patient. Some reports indicate that Smeargle may take up to five minutes or more to reproduce. Then, it’s up to the player to use their Pokémon capture skills to make Smeargle theirs.

Do not insist too much on the subject, but it is very possible that Smeargle escapes after a single poke ball. According to the first information, it seems that Smeargle appears again in the pictures the next day. Having to wait one day for a Smeargle is not so bad considering what a unique Smeargle Pokémon has turned out to be.

Similarly, if players want more than one Smeargle, they can wait until the next day to see a second in their photos. There is even a “Photo Bomb” badge to meet with Smeargle 10, 50 and 200 times.

All the details about Smeargle are not clear at this time. After all, it had just been released in the world of Pokemon GO. The determination of how often Smeargle can be found in the photographs, the exact limitations of Smeargle’s ability to copy, and whether there is something to make Smeargle appear in only five photographs versus 500, all remains to be discovered. However, the process itself is harmless and relatively simple. Everyone who wants a Smeargle should be able to easily capture them. Happy Smeargle hunting, Pokemon trainers.

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