Pokémon GO players may have noticed a change in the world map of their game. This news is due to the Niantic developer who switched from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap (OSM.).

OSM is an editable open source mapping project, which means that it can be modified by any player that has mapping problems. In addition, the changes made in Google Maps had to wait for the map to be updated before they could be noticed, but the changes in OSM are immediate.

Although this news seems quite beneficial at first, it comes with its problems. Areas that are not assigned by an OSM user can generate blank maps and, although they can be editable, it can be very difficult to ask some Pokémon GO players. It should be kept in mind, however, that this change should not affect PokeStops and Gyms because they are related to real coordinates.

Pokemon GO Changes In-Game Map Feature

This change may also indicate a break with Google. The company initially helped finance the creation of Pokémon GO, but the state of the relationship between Google and Niantic remains unknown. It is possible that the financial success of Niantic has damaged this relationship. Last week, Niantic raised $ 200 million to fund future projects.

You should also bear in mind that this was a pretty sudden change, which started in Europe before arriving in the United States last night. However, it is not clear if the change to OSM was as fast as its implementation.

Pokémon GO is still a financial success, and any problems that may have occurred during the card exchange could be resolved soon. With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite also on the horizon, it is not clear if this game will use Google Maps or OSM, although it seems more likely now. Hopefully the players will soon listen to Niantic about this change.

Although the reception of players moving from Google Maps to OSM is mixed, players should be grateful not to cause problems such as the recent iOS error. It also seems likely that Pokémon GO players will have to deal with this change, regardless of their personal opinion.

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