Microsoft has just completed work on the full topic of the Windows 10 Messaging application.

Dark topics are obviously the next big thing in the software, and because it is the largest software company in the world, Microsoft simply can not ignore this trend.

After creating a dark theme for Windows 10, Microsoft began to work on similar visual enhancements for pre-installed applications in the operating system, also known as primary applications. Of course, the Mail application should be one of the first to benefit from this discussion, and luckily, Microsoft was determined to do it as soon as possible.

However, the dark way the Mail application developed gradually. Not so long ago it was available to the first users. But, as I have repeatedly complained, it was only partially black because the dark topic covered only parts of the interface, and not key elements, such as the new email screen. Earlier this week, Microsoft finalized a dark theme, and after testing it today, I can finally confirm that it looks and feels exactly the way you expected it. Mail now offers a truly sophisticated experience in a dark subject, all elements use a black visual mode, no matter where they live.

Since some of the email contents can be hidden when the full dark mode is enabled, Microsoft has added a flip-flop to the app, so users can easily switch between the dark and bright backgrounds of the body of the e-mail.

The flip-flop and the darkest mode are similar to those available in Microsoft added this service in July last year and now it matches the Mail application in Windows 10. The Mail part is a complete black mode while the calendar is Calendar. for Windows 10 also has a completely black mode. as well as.

How to switch between dark and clear topics in the Mail app

To switch between dark and clear topics in the Mail app, you can do this.

Go to To Settings> Personalize. In addition, you can allow Mail to track the visual settings available in Windows 10; for example, if you use a dark mode in the operating system, the mail client automatically switches to the same settings.

For a moment, I believe that with the simply added dark mode, the Mail app got a lot of fans, although I can not help but remember that there is still a lot of work to improve this email client.