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The extra time challenges are those that are acquired to get the battle pass of season 8 for free. This requires a set of challenges to overcome. We are here to help those who are a little more difficult and inexplicable or who need to visit many places. As such, “Visiting Different Stunts” at Fortnite has discovered many specialist sites and we are here to help you locate them more easily.

There are already busy waterfalls where players walk daily. However, there are also stunts that players do not visit often and are somewhat hidden. Let’s take all the tricks below.

8 Map Location of Fortnite water Falls

fortnite waterfall locations map

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1. West of Lucky Landing

Head west to Lucky Landing and you will find a waterfall on the edge of the map.

2. South of palm paradise

You can find a waterfall directly south of Paradise Palms at the edge of the map.

3. Oasis southwest of Paradise Palms

The oasis located southwest of Paradise Palms also has a nearby waterfall.

4. Lonely Lodge

There is a waterfall in the middle of Lonely Lodge, just north of the text of the named site.

5. Northeast links of lazy

Another waterfall on the edge of the map is northeast of Lazy Links.

6. Loot Lake

This waterfall is located on Loot Lake. We are not very sure that it is important for the challenge, but we have included it just in case.

7. South of Lake Loot

You will find a waterfall south of Loot Lake, northeast of Tilted Towers.

8. Viking people

The largest waterfall on the Fortnite map, directly south of the Viking town.