Indian movies Totally ban in Pakistan: Minister of Information Fawad Choudhary

Fawad Chaudhry, the information minister, said on Tuesday that the Pakistani exhibitors’ association had “boycotted the content of India” and said that Indian films should not be broadcast in the country after the control line violated by Air Force of India (IAF). No MORE Indian movie is to “be released in Pakistan”.

Indian movies Totally ban in Pakistan Minister of Information Fawad Choudhary

The information minister also said that he had “instructed Pemra (the electronic media regulator in Pakistan) to act against advertising made in India.”

Relations between Pakistan and India have been tense since a suicide bombing in Kashmir killed more than 40 Indian soldiers, New Delhi accuses Pakistan of being an accomplice in the attack, a charge that Islamabad has vehemently denied and from the start.

Today’s tensions have increased further after the violation of the control line by the Indian Air Force (IAF), a transgression by which Major General Asif Ghafoor, General Director of Public Relations Inter-Services (ISPR), has warned New Delhi “To wait for our response“.

The content ban in India and Pakistan has precedents. In 2016, Pemra imposed a total ban on the transmission of Indian content on local television and FM radio stations.

This decision was seen as a gesture of thunder after some channels and the entertainment industry in India took similar measures against content and Pakistani artists.

In 2017, the High Court of Lahore lifted the ban imposed by Pemra to declare it null and void, since the federal government raised no objection in this regard.

The following year, the Supreme Court, hearing of a case filed by the United Producers Association concerning the transmission of foreign content on Pakistani television channels, had reinstated the ban on the transmission of content from India to local television stations, canceling Orders of LHC.