Imran Khan: Pakistan to respond to India ‘at time and place of its choosing’

The National Security Committee chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday rejected India’s accusations that it was attacking an alleged training camp near Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, during an air strike early in the morning. of the day, and announced that “Pakistan will respond to the aggression at the time and place of its election”.

Imran Khan Pakistan to respond to India ‘at time and place of its choosing’

The meeting was convened by the Prime Minister after the intrusion of Indian warplanes from the Muzaffarabad area around 2.55 a.m. Tuesday.

General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, Army Chief of Staff (COAS), Chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the Air Force (COAS), attended the SNC meeting. Khan and other military and civilian officers, including cabinet members.

After the meeting of the NSC, a document was issued stating that the forum had strongly rejected the Indians’ claims that they were attacking suspected terrorist camps near Balakot and demanding large losses.

“Once again, the Indian government has resorted to a fictitious, interested and reckless claim,” the document added.

“This action was carried out for internal consumption, given the electoral context, seriously endangering regional peace and stability,” said the NSC.

“The claimed area of ​​a strike is open to the world to see the facts on the ground, the national and international media are visiting the site of the impact,” he added.

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In addition to that, the government wanted to take the nation on board and so decided to request the joint session of the parliament.

In addition, Prime Minister Imran convened a special meeting of the National Command Authority (ANC) on February 27 and called on “elements of national power, including the armed forces and the people of Pakistan, to remain ready for Any eventuality.”

“The prime minister has decided to engage with world leaders to expose an irresponsible Indian policy in the region,” the document says.

The Prime Minister also appreciated the speed and efficiency of the Pakistani Air Force’s reaction to postpone India’s attempt without any loss of life or property.

It was reported that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, informed the participants of the current situation after the violation of the LOC.

The military leaders informed the meeting that they were willing to deal with all situations, according to the sources. The meeting also discussed the future plan of action after the violation.

Pakistan will Respond.

At a press conference after the NSC meeting, Foreign Minister Qureshi said Pakistan was a peaceful country, but he understood the importance of protecting its borders.

The foreign minister began the press conference by reading a statement from the NSC saying: “The committee strongly rejected the Indians’ claim to attack an alleged terrorist camp near Balakot, as well as the claim of great losses.”

After reciting the statement, Qureshi announced that “a three-member committee was formed, including Finance Minister Asad Umar and Defense Minister Pervez Khattak, to address parliament so that the people of Pakistan can trust the situation.”

In addition, FM Qureshi said that “local and international media will visit the site of indigenous rape.”

“The helicopters are ready, if time permits, they will be led to self-inspect and denounce the Indian propaganda, Mehbooba Mufti’s statement is before you, the story presented is different from the facts.”

“It was decided that the international leadership would be committed, and that the Foreign Office and the Prime Minister would commit themselves.” At the request of Pakistan, an emergency meeting of the conflict groups of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is taking place and Tehmina Janjua represents Pakistan. We will present the point of view of Pakistan in this forum. “

Prime Minister Imran also had telephone To
Crown Prince

The Foreign Minister said Prime Minister Imran also had telephone conversations with the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Crown Prince of the Saudi Crown Mohammad bin Salman on the matter.

“I also trusted the foreign ministers of Britain and China because I knew there was going to be a trilateral meeting in Beijing between India, China and Russia,” Qureshi said. “I wanted to tell you the facts.”

“Today, the situation has changed: a founding member of the ICO has been attacked, Muslims in India are frightened and Kashmiris are attacked.” This incident took place in Pulwama, but the reaction was manifested in all the states of India. The students had to hide and save their lives.In New Delhi, the youths were attacked, a Muslim journalist who was not related to Pulwama was assaulted and beaten [because] he is a Kashmiri. “

“With this in mind, we must reevaluate and inform Parliament, regardless of the facts, in addition to the Foreign Office, the General Directorate of Military Operations and the Deputy Chief of Air Staff will gain confidence and report on the exact situation. duty and our responsibility to inform the people of Pakistan. “

Defense Minister Khattak said:At the same time, Defense Minister Khattak said Indian planes had dropped their payload four to five kilometers inside the control line. The incident happened during the night, there are things we can not make public, but there will be a response from Pakistan,”.

In response to a question from a journalist, FM Qureshi said that the Pakistan Air Force was suspended in the air and expected any eventuality.

“At 2:55 am, Indian planes entered the “Pakistani airspace”, at 2:58, they were expelled from our airspace, they fled the CoC due to the surveillance of our air force,” he said. Minister of Foreign Affairs, and warned not to “underestimate his ability to defend Pakistan.”

“Our Air Force is always vigilant and always ready to take on the challenge, we have our own sense of time, we will act, we will not react.”

When asked about the rapes at the border post in Katarpur, Qureshi replied: “Kartarpur was a dream that Pakistan was making, there was a message of peace that Pakistan gave, and we opened the way in Kartarpur not to close it.”

“Pakistan will do what it has to do,” he said in response to a reporter’s question.

At the beginning of the day, Major General Asif Ghafoor, General Director of Public Relations Inter-Services (ISPR), tweeted: “The intrusion of an Indian aircraft into the CoC in the Muzaffarabad area within the AJK was 3 to 4 miles Previous aircraft launched a payload that fell freely in the open area, no infrastructure was affected, no casualties, technical details and other important information to follow.

images of the “payload of hastily escaping Indian aircraft” which “fell in the open