I’m just going to tell you how to say Thanks to the driver of the Fortnite bus. It’s easy once the players know how to do it. On Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, players simply have to press the d-pad as they fly over the map of the Royal Battle on the bus. The bus driver can only be thankful once and the players must do so before jumping, otherwise, they will lose their chance.

“Thanks to bus driver” on PC

On PC, thanks to the bus driver it is a little different. If you use a controller, players still have to press the d-pad, but otherwise, they will want to type “B” on the keyboard if they use a mouse and keyboard configuration.

“Thanks to bus driver” on Mobile device

When thanking the bus driver on the mobile device (for Android or iOS devices), players must touch the remote control icon on the right side of the screen while they are still on the combat bus.

Playing 11 games may seem excessive, but players can speed up the process if they wish, dying as soon as they land. While the players die or the game ends, they will have a credit for the challenge and, fortunately, there are many ways to survive with Fortnite alone. Players often use the following tips: build a large ladder and jump, or simply land near the edge of the map and fall into dangerous waters. In fact, players could, in theory, thank the bus driver, stay on the bus until it leaves the map, then float in the ocean without even stepping on the actual battle map.

Regardless of whether players decide to kill each other in battle or stay with each game until the end, they will complete the Fortnite 14-day challenge after thanking the bus driver in 11 different matches.

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