Update Fortnite 8.01 for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One is available. Developer Epic Games said that the buried treasure was added to the map as well as the limited time slide mode of the Slide Duos. In addition, the Fortnite 8.01 update brings a touch of subtle playing that allows players to move to the field without suffering damage ranging from 65 to 75 degrees.

Mobile players should breathe easily, as this update also corrects the error of Fortnite Royal battle That by pressing the button with two fingers causes a continuous loop of shooting. The download size of Fortune 8.01 is about 150 MB on iOS and about 837 MB on Xbox One.

Release Notes Fortune for Update 8.01

  1. Buried Treasure: Follow the map and discover the prey that is hidden on the island! Locate the X marking the site and start digging.
  2. Playing: increases as a beach without damage from 65 to 75 degrees.
  3. Error corrections: you have fixed the problem when you pressed the two-finger trigger button, which caused a continuous loop.

Release Notes for Slide Slide Duos Update 8.10

Blocks of ice on all legs, endless ammunition Grapplers in all inventories – recipe to have a good slip time

  1. Friction is greatly reduced.
  2. The maximum speed of the walk is considerably increased.
  3. Injuries due to the removed fall.
  4. Continuous ammunition shields that are added to each inventory.

Update weapons and objects

The only thing that usually changes with each update is weaponry.

They are added, live, polished or totally stiff. There seem to be some changes with the new update.

“It’s likely that the next update will be content updates, which means that the item to be added next week will already be in the files,” says Fortnite Insider.

This is especially interesting because, if true, it is possible to see two new versions of an infantry gun, epic and legendary.

This is because the Stormshield One obviously already found files for two new weapons in the game.

  • buried treasure
    • A map that allows you to find buried boxes on the map.
  • Les Chests contains a legendary treasury.
  • Marks X marks the city! The chest must be dug with a string.
  • There is a limit on one card at a time.
  • Legendary Rarity.
  • We find them from prey and breast.
    • Reduced availability of infantry guns
  • Reduction from 14.41% to 13.39% chance of receiving a rifle in the chest.
  • Reduced possibility of receiving an infantry rifle against the predator on the ground from 2.41% to 2.24%.
    • Reduced availability of Clinger
  • Reduction of 9.42% to 5.52% of the ability to receive Clinger’s Breast Cuts
  • about 1.27% to 1.02% reduction in the chance that Clinger would receive a prey.

Pirate Top Weapon

The Fortnite season 8 is in full swing and with it began the tradition of the game, and at the Castle of King Ice was a powerful prisoner, which is now free. This prisoner brought fire and flame to Fortnight, which means that there is also a new treasure. For this treasure, you will fight against other fighters, pirates and ninjas. There is a new weapon called the Pirate Top in the Fortnight 8 season, as well as new slots and additional challenges for playing on a card where the lion can damage you.

Fortnite 8.01 Update weapon change

Respawn Van

Before the start of season 8, AMA proposed to work on Respawn’s mechanics for team games.

And now it seems that the game will soon come to play through vans, which will look wonderful on the map.

Respawn Van changing in fortnite game

However, it appears that some expansive files have shown that this is actually associated with a new mechanic, and the van in the files is known as the “machine for the second opportunity”.

Ben Walker from fortnitenews.com writes:

“It seems that players will withdraw the card at the time of death and that their accomplices will be able to carry it in the Respawn van to bring it back to life.”

“Functionality is similar to the one in the Respawn Beacon mechanics of Apex Legends, but it’s not clear whether it was inspired or copied from them.”

It is unlikely that such a new mechanic will be deployed on Tuesday. We suggest that this will be maintained for another week for a major update. But, you never know with Epic.

Battle Royale ‘fixed’ Issues?

Fixed issues with mobile devices:

• In the next version, there are no problems labeled “repaired.” See the link above for more details that are still in the study.

Creative Mode ‘fixed’ Issues:

•    No issues marked as ‘Fixed’ in next release. See link above for details still being investigated.

Save the World ‘fixed’ Issues:

• The following problem is marked as “repaired”

What problems have been resolved?

• In the next version, there are no problems labeled “repaired.” See the link above for more details that are still in the study.

Nintendo Switch Correction Issues:

• Players load the same cosmetic product in the lobby

• The graphics do not appear when you first upload the match.