Comparison Of Top Technology Institutes In California

California Institute of Technology

Caltech (California Institute of Technology, abbreviated Caltech) is a famous American university, located in Pasadena, California (Pasadena), created in 1891. This school size is not large, only about a thousand graduate students and more than 900 undergraduate students, but among the first in the world in the “Times Higher Education” World University Rankings 2012-2013. In physics, planetary science, geography areas known to be the first nation and the world. In 2006, the United States Princeton Review ranked sixth in the nation Caltech “for the University of the hardest applications” inside.
Caltech (California Institute of Technology, referred to as Caltech), founded in 1891, is the largest in the world of science and engineering universities. Caltech only 50.18 hectares of cultivated land, and only two thousand and twenty thousand students. California Institute of Technology, annual ranking of universities ranked National University in 2000. California Institute of Technology in 2010 Academic Ranking of universities globally ranked 6 per capita contribution Ranked # 1 in 2013 World University Rankings hundred reelected to top 95.5 degrees, in front of the University of Oxford and the University of Stanford.

The mission of this private university is’ in education, government and industry should promote the development of creative scientists and engineers. “Caltech faculty and alumni 31 people (Pauling had two winners) won the Nobel Prize 32 times, the average per thousand graduate students with a winner of the Nobel Prize, which is the highest percentage of the world’s universities. Caltech is just over 2,100 students and 270 professors, associate professors, assistant professors, including 66 National Academy of Sciences, 33 National Academy of Engineering and the National Arts Academy of Sciences 80, equivalent to 36.7% of all teachers today, this nation and even the world is the school from the right.

MIT Technologies California

California Institute of Technology

Often people with the California Institute of Technology MIT for comparison. California Institute of Technology built three years later than MIT, 1891 before school, the scale is much smaller. There are more than four thousand five hundred MIT team undergraduate and graduate students, the campus has nearly ten thousand students. And then at Caltech, undergraduates with less than a thousand, two thousand or more students, but also to come, in terms of scale, this is a small school; From intimate environment, where beautiful scenery, the campus dotted with lotus pool, olive trees, compared to MIT factory premises such as the construction of a chip is actually winning. Due to the small number of per capita funding for research in Caltech, published papers per capita, per capita and per capita Nobel citation number is much higher than the average of Massachusetts. Teacher-student ratio of 1: 3, 1:06 only MIT.
Of course, the Caltech students will not have humanitarian illiterate also have a midnight humanities or social sciences courses, usually one for each semester.