Pokemon GO let's Catch Smeargle Using Go Snapshot
Pokemon GO: let’s Catch Smeargle Using Go Snapshot

Smeargle, the Pokémon of Generation 2, is now available in Pokemon GO. Niantic has refrained from adding Smeargle to the game for some time, with the rest of Johto Pokemon to be added in 2017, but Smeargle is special because of its Sketch ability, which can copy the ability of another Pokémon. As Sketch does […]

Alva Johnson sexual misconduct against Trump
A woman makes a new complaint of sexual misconduct against Trump

A former staff member said that Donald Trump kissed her without her consent in 2016; She is the first woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct after the start of his presidential campaign. Alva Johnson: who worked for the Trump campaign in Florida, says Trump took his hand and kissed his lips in front of […]

How to Thank the bus driver in Fortnite on PC, mobile, and consoles Devices
How to “Thank the bus driver in Fortnite” on PC, mobile, and consoles Devices

I’m just going to tell you how to say Thanks to the driver of the Fortnite bus. It’s easy once the players know how to do it. On Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, players simply have to press the d-pad as they fly over the map of the Royal Battle on the bus. The […]

Facebook's background location tracking
Now you can block the tracking of Facebook’s background location on Android

Facebook is setting up a new privacy setting that gives Android users more control over when the Facebook application has access to GPS data from their devices. For the first time, Android users can grant Facebook access to the data while the application is in use while preventing the company from collecting it at other […]

fortnite all waterfall locations map
“Map of Fortnite water Falls Locations”, Overtime Challenges Visit several water falls

The extra time challenges are those that are acquired to get the battle pass of season 8 for free. This requires a set of challenges to overcome. We are here to help those who are a little more difficult and inexplicable or who need to visit many places. As such, “Visiting Different Stunts” at Fortnite […]

Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10+ makes its first official commercial in a Norwegian TV

Another day, another leak Samsung Galaxy S10. This time, the culprit is not a famous author or a technical publication, but a Norwegian television station. An announcement was issued early and revealed not only the next flagship product but also the new Galaxy Buds. Although the ad does not mention any of the specifications, it […]

Karl Lagerfeld died
Karl Lagerfeld, the famous designer Chanel, died at age 85

The iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld died in Paris after a brief illness. SHORT INTRODUCTION Born: September 10, 1933, Hamburg, Germany Died: February 19, 2019 Nationality: German Karl Lagerfeld Top Ten Books CASA Malaparte 1998, Diet 2004, A Portrait of Dorian Gray The Glory of Water 2013 Byzantine Fragments The Beauty of Violence Chanel Art 2014 7 Fantasmes of a […]

The MediaTek Helio P90 machine supports the Google ML kit
The MediaTek Helio P90 machine supports the Google ML kit

MediaTek has sought to extend machine learning capabilities to more mid-market smartphones, adding support for the Google ML kit to its Helio P90 chipset. ML Kit allows developers to add Google machine learning features to Android and iOS applications using a few lines of code or a standard API. MediaTek has adapted the ML kit […]

Honda to close only British factory, says move not Brexit related
The Honda company to shut a Britain plant, wiping out 3,500 jobs

Honda Motor Co. plans to close its automotive plant in western England in 2021, the company said on Tuesday, which was a blow to the British economy when it left the European Union on March 29. The Japanese automaker announced the decision at a press conference in Tokyo, which will likely generate 3,500 or more […]

Deadly ‘zombie’ deer disease in Colorado, other states could eventually spread to humans
The deadly disease of “zombie deer” in Colorado and other states would spread to humans

A deadly, infectious disease known as “zombie deer disease” would spread rapidly in the United States, and humans could be the next, an expert warned. Chronic debilitating disease (CWD) is currently occurring in deer, elk, and elk in 24 states and two Canadian provinces. The disease attacks the brain, spinal cord and other tissues of […]