Antibiotic Resistance Can Cost Many Lives

A blood infection resistant to antibiotics could cost the lives of 80,000 people.

About 80,000 people could die if there was “widespread outbreak” of a blood infection resistant to antibiotics, according to a document of the United Kingdom Government.

“Without effective antibiotics, and even small routine surgical interventions could be a high-risk procedures, which will result in increasing the duration of the disease and ultimately premature mortality,” as stated in the document.

The National Emergency Risk Register says that such an epidemic is expected that could hit 200,000 people – and 2/5 of them “could die.”

Antibiotic Resistance Can Cost Many Lives

The document also states that “a high number of deaths could also be expected” from other forms of resistant infection.

Warns that the risk of infection could make “a big part of modern medicine” unsafe.

The letter from the Office of Cabinet says that the number of infections is “complicated” because of AMR and expected “to increase significantly over the next 20 years.”

Will become hazardous procedures such an organ transplantation, surgery in the intestine and certain cancer treatments.

Antibiotic Resistance Can Cost Many Lives

The document, published last month, adds: “If it happens a widespread outbreak, can expect to be affected about 200,000 people from a bacterial infection of the blood that could not be effectively treated with existing drugs and about 80,000 of these people may eventually die. ”

The United Kingdom is “head of operations with international partners” to address this “global problem”.

The use of antibiotics in the UK has been rising and the National Institute for Health and Care recently urged doctors to ask about the work of their colleagues who prescribe too many antibiotics.