Amazon Launches In The Sale Of Personal Services

Rumor evoked since June 2014 that Amazon finally launched in the sale of local services in the United States.
Amazon and extends its scope and spends Conventional-sales site matchmaking platform between service and client companies.

Since Monday, the US Amazon users have access to the platform Home Services to find a plumber, an electrician, a babysitter or gardener … In total, there are already 2 million deals that are identified by Amazon.

And there is everything to catalog the giant online sales: the yoga teacher with goat farmer who proposes to hire the services of a part of his flock to mow the lawn … The advantage of the platform are the prices, which are fixed in advance … no last minute surprises that side.

For providers, the benefit is a development within a brand that brings together every day millions of users, and the presence of a rating system that allows each company to build a reputation on the platform .

Amazon its side undertakes to perform a survey of each provider to ensure the validity of their licenses and insurance, sorting is drastic: only 3% of applicants are accepted.

With this new service, Amazon wants to keep more customers in its ecosystem, since each sale service, the group takes a commission of 10 to 20%. A system that should pay dividends for the sign, since investments are minimal.
Amazon Launches In The Sale Of Personal Services