Amazon Dash Is A Physical Button For Easy Everyday Purchases

There is a year of that, Amazon had the Dash, a remote control capable of reading bar codes and fulfill its shopping cart at home. Today, the concept goes further with buttons dedicated to everyday items.
Amazon and just introduced its Dash Buttons, small plastic objects that the user can set where he wants with the aim to simplify his purchasing some everyday products.

Specifically, the system is simple: the user sticks one of these boxes on her washing machine, next to the coffee pot on the shelf in household products, the toilet … Each button is associated with a particular product, from a great brand.

Amazon Dash Is A Physical Button For Easy Everyday Purchases

Touching the button will automatically control the corresponding product. Each button is accompanied by the product logo and brand, but no screen is available. In addition, the user does not know the price and the product and can not choose or delivery methods or packaging.

Each button connects via Wi-Fi and an application available on Amazon smartphone, which also allows to reprogram each button to associate the product of choice. Currently there are already dozens of pre-configured buttons with known brands.

Note that the purchase is automatic with pressure, no validation is required, and payment will be taken from the medium filled in the application. However, for each command, a notification will be sent on the smartphone or tablet associated, the user will then have a little time to cancel the order station … so children who tend to take this type of button a toy.