A woman makes a new complaint of sexual misconduct against Trump

A former staff member said that Donald Trump kissed her without her consent in 2016; She is the first woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct after the start of his presidential campaign.

Alva Johnson: who worked for the Trump campaign in Florida, says Trump took his hand and kissed his lips in front of a rally in Tampa in August 2016, report Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites to the Washington Post.
“I immediately felt violated because I did not expect it or I did not want it,” Johnson said in the mail. “I can still see his lips come directly to my face.”
His claim follows a pattern described by Trump himself. In the 2005 Access Hollywood cassette, we can listen to Trump: “I’m automatically attracted to the beautiful, I’m starting to kiss them.”

“It’s like a magnet,” he adds. “Just a kiss, I’m not even waiting.

After the publication of the band by the Washington Post in October 2016, many women claimed that Trump had kissed or touched them without their consent or that they had committed other acts of sexual behavior. But the behavior that describes everything happened before Trump began his career as president. Johnson is the first woman to appear since Trump took office, and the first to accuse him of misconduct during the election campaign, according to the newspaper.

Trump denied all charges against him, and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders called Johnson’s statement “absurd.” until 2020
Johnson says he recognized his own experience in the Access Hollywood band

Johnson, 43, was Obama’s voter twice when he met Trump in 2015, he said in the mail. But Johnson, who is black, thought Trump could use his commercial skills to help black communities.

When she met Trump in Birmingham, Alabama in 2015, he looked at her with contempt and said, “Oh, beautiful, beautiful, fantastic,” he says at his trial. Despite this comment, she held the position of director of awareness campaigns and coalitions for the Trump campaign, first in Alabama and then in Florida.

While Trump was leaving his motorhome outside the Tampa Rally, she said at the trial that happened in front of her.
“I’ve been on the road for you since March, away from my family,” she told him. “You do a great job, go there and kick.
Then, she said, he took her hand, thanked her for her work and leaned toward her.
“It comes directly to my lips,” he told the post office. “Then I turn my head and kiss at the corner of my mouth, still holding my hand all the time, then leave.
White House press secretary Sanders told the post in a statement that “this has never happened and is directly contradicted by many highly credible eyewitness testimony.” , he saw the kiss. But both denied having seen the incident.

Johnson also told the Post that he had discussed the unwanted kiss at that time with his boyfriend at the time, his mother and stepfather, who all remembered the conversations.

Johnson continued working for the campaign, but after listening to the Access Hollywood film, she said: “I felt a stomachache.”

“That’s what he did to me,” he added. She resigned approximately three weeks before the election. In October 2016, she also consulted a lawyer. According to the text messages provided to the post office, the lawyer found his story credible but did not support his case because “for the moment, my practice simply can not immerse itself in something like this that would take so long and whose result would be uncertain.

Johnson filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court. In addition to detailing his allegation of sexual misconduct, the complaint alleges that Johnson was paid less than his white male colleagues during the campaign. A spokesperson for the campaign denied this allegation to the Post.
After Trump became president, Johnson has applied twice for administration, but without success, the newspaper reports. He said that this experience did not influence his decision to continue.

Johnson’s case could have broad implications for Trump. The former staff member signed a confidentiality agreement to work on the Trump campaign, and that would be at least the sixth legal case in which someone would violate such an agreement signed with Trump’s campaign or administration, as Ronan Farrow informs the New Yorker.
The use of such agreements has been criticized, and Johnson’s claim may have implications for its enforceability.

Johnson’s indictment comes as Trump prepares for his candidacy for reelection in 2020. The charges of sexual misconduct against him have not derailed, of course, his 2016 campaign. But that was before the growing movement. #MeToo does not create national awareness about sexual harassment and sexual assault.
Republican voters, in general, have been more skeptical about MeToo’s claims than Democrats, but some Republican women are frustrated by their party’s relative inaction on sexual misconduct. A new accusation against Trump, particularly associated with a federal lawsuit, could shed light on a problem that the Trump campaign hoped to resolve.
Johnson, for his part, says he could not forget what happened to him in 2016.
“I do not sleep,” he told the post. “I get up at 4 in the morning watching the news, I feel guilty, the only thing I did was go to work one day.