How to Know If Allergies Give You Annoyingly Painful Headaches, Best Relief ASAP
How to Know If Allergies Give You Annoyingly Painful Headaches, Best Relief ASAP

Spring can be completely miserable if you struggle with seasonal allergies. High pollen counts can leave patients struggling with nasal congestion, sore throat, coughing, and watery eyes, among other unpleasant problems. But some allergic people may notice another symptom that is not mentioned often: a headache. Here’s the thing: headaches occur for all kinds of […]

Ebola first responders threatened over strike if no improvement in health
Ebola first responders threatened over strike if no improvement in health

Health workers in one of the epicenters of the Ebola outbreak in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo have threatened to go on strike next week if the authorities do not do more to protect them. Repeated attacks in treatment centers by armed militias and members of the community who believe that the Ebola […]

Fortnite And The Avengers Are Teaming Up Again This Week
Fortnite and the Avengers come together again this week

It seems that the Avengers are returning to Fortnite. The Fortnite is the number one world’s game in Battle Royale. The Fortnite official Twitter account tweeted the image of a Fortnite character that had the Captain America shield, the date of April 25 and the tag line “Whatever it takes.” April 25 is the […]

Six dead in small plane crash in Texas thumbnail
6 people died in a small Plane crash in Kerrville Texas

Authorities confirmed that six people died in a small plane crash in Kerrville, Texas. The Federal Aviation Administration says the plane crashed during a landing attempt shortly before 9:00 am Monday morning. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash of a Beech BE58, a small twin-engine piston aircraft. According to FAA spokeswoman Lynn […]

Fortnite pit pizza challenge
An easy way to dial the Pizza Pit number on the large phone east of the block in Fortnite

Let me told you how you can easily dial Pizza pit number, the challenge of keeping the DURRR Burger number in Fortnite is “Dial the Pizza Pit restaurant number on the large phone located east of the block.” As such, we are here to locate your location and dial the exact phone number. You can […]

Anthem Development Was Rushed
Anthem Development Was Rushed, BioWare Refutes Report

From its inception to its launch, Anthem has been technically in development at BioWare for nearly seven years. Despite this, the Anthem game, as we know it, was in production for about 18 months, one developer said that Anthem’s development had accelerated in the last six to nine months of development. This comes from an […]

Which came first, the lizard or the egg
Discovery of lizard produces eggs and live young

Scientist discover at the University of Sydney observed that an Australian lizard that normally lived laid three eggs, and a few weeks later gave birth to a live baby of the same pregnancy. This is the first time that an event of this type is documented in a litter of vertebrate babies. The three-fingered skink […]

Here are the camera settings you need to take a picture of the final supermoon of 2019 with your phone
Mark your calendar and get ready your cell phone Tomorrow is the last SuperMoon of 2019.

The supermoon term has reached the full moon the same day the moon is in the perigee, or its closest passage to Earth in its monthly path around the sun. The astronomer who invented the term supermoon uses this term in reference to the new moons and full moons that are produced near the perigee. […]

man fall down capture by google map
A Man’s Was Fall Down Hoboken Staircase Captured On Google Maps

The Google Maps captures the exact moment when a man falls on the stairs HOBOKEN, NJ – A man who fell on a staircase in a New Jersey building put the infamy online after being caught on a Google Maps photo. Enter the address “725 Willow Ave – Hoboken, New Jersey” on Google Maps and […]

Lions agree to deal with TE Jesse James
TE Jesse James left the Steelers for the Detroit Lions

Lions agree to deal with TE Jesse James:It seems that the outlaw will capture passes of a new gunman in 2019. the Detroit Lions continue to stay active on the first day of free agency tampering, this time signing former Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Jesse James Jesse James will leave the Pittsburgh Steelers after four […]