Solar Powered Plane Set Off On A Mission To Go Around The World

A solar-powered aircraft around the world on a mission to take over the development of Abu Dhabi.
‘Solar Impulse II, a solar-powered aircraft , around the world, from different continents will complete his round in over the next 5 months. Sunshine,for take off length of the wings of the plane is 72 meters and weight 2.3 tons and for the pilot to fly when it is given a seat. To catch the Solar energy 17 thousand solar cells mounted on the wings of the plane and to collect energy there are lithium batteries, which will be able to fly from the ship at night.
The Solar Impulse aircraft will take off from Abu Dhabi to-2 pilot Andre burys Switzerland brtrun Packard Pittsburgh and will make periodic and aircraft during the flight to be diverted in different cities during flight aboard any error fix may be, to cross the Pacific and Atlantic flight at night is extremely important because the average speed is 72 kilometers per hour. To sleep the pilot will be given only 20 minutes.
The sunlight jhazsulr Impulse fired 1 round had been successful around the US and the Solar Impulse plane 2 is designed to build around the world.