Recipe Of Two Healthy Energy Drinks

Healthy Energy Drink

Ingredients for Healthy Energy Drink
Orange Juice 1 cup
Dry Fruit 1 cup
Season Fruit as required
Take a blender jug add 1 cup of orange juice, add 1 cup of dry fruits and as required any season fruits and blend it. Now take it out the mixture into a glasses and serve it. Now healthy energy drink is ready.

Annanas Sheera Cup

Ingredients for Annanas Sheera Cup
Pineapple 1
Grated Coconut 1 cup
Sugar ½ kg
Semolina 250 grams
Screw Pine Essence few drops
Plain Cake 1
Cream 1 cup
Take 1 cup of grated coconut and roasted. Take a cooking pan add 1 cup of sugar and as required water and add 1 pineapple mix it well make a sugar syrup now add roasted decided coconut mix it well. Take another cooking pan add 250 grams of semolina and roasted and add rest of the sugar roasted it, add few drops of screw pine essence mix it well take it out and let it cool down take 1 cup add plain cake on the base now set all the cakes pieces, and 1 cup of cream layer the cream add pineapples and garnish with dry fruits and serve it.

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