Color Of Karachi Traffic Police Changed

In Karachi color of the uniform of the traffic police was changed into grey from white.

The government of Pakistan is unbelievable. The public is begging for the electricity, Sui gas and requesting government to low the prices of things. But the government has no concern with the demands of the public. On one side it is busy in making roads in spite of over coming the starvation prevailing in the rural areas of the country. Now on the other hand the government has changed the color of the uniform of the Karachi traffic police from white to grey. In the first process the color or the duty officers on the VIP roads was changed. DIG traffic police said that uniforms have been allotted to officers on duty from Fawara Chowk to Cliffton, and soon will be allotted to other officers.

The strange thing is that what this is the strategy on which Pakistani government is working in spite of working on the basic needs of the public.